Back Care Tips For New Parents

When you're new to the world of parenthood, you'll likely be making changes in a number of areas of your life. While your world will be revolving around your son or daughter, it's also important that you take care of your own health—including your physical health. Lifting your child may be easy during the first few weeks and months of his or her life, but this job will put an increasing strain on your back as the child grows; the last thing you need is a back injury. While you can visit a chiropractic clinic if such an ailment occurs, keeping these tips in mind should limit your risk of hurting your back.

Lift With Your Legs Under You

While many people know the importance of bending their knees, rather than their back, when they lift, they may still lift with the incorrect form. You should always try to lift your child when your legs are under your torso, compared to leaning over to lift. The latter mechanics put a considerable strain on your back, which can lead to an injury that requires chiropractic care. For example, when you're lifting the child out of his or her crib, make sure that you're standing as close to the crib as possible. If you're too far away, your upper body will be stretched out and susceptible to injury.

Alternate Sides When Carrying The Child

When you're carrying your child, you'll often favor one side—perhaps your dominant side due to its increased strength over your weaker side. However, if you constantly hold the child on one side of your body, you'll often be keeping your back at an unhealthy angle in which it's kinked for a prolonged period of time. Eventually, this can lead to an injury. Make a point of regularly shifting the child's position in your arms so that your back isn't put out of balance.

Keep Things Clear Underfoot

A crying baby can have you hustling from one end of the house to the other, and possibly in the dark if you're concerned about waking your spouse. It's imperative to make sure that your floor is clear—tripping on a diaper bag at the entrance of the child's nursery, for example, has a high risk of jarring your back as you struggle to capture your balance. Nighttime injuries can easily occur, so it's important to make sure the path between your room and the child's nursery is clear before you go to bed.

For more tips and tricks, talk to your chiropractor (like Dr. Jason B Kaster DC).

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