Rolfing: An Introduction For New Or Prospective Patients

If you suffer from deep tissue, joint, or muscle pain on a regular basis, there are many options for treatment available in the medical field. However, many forms of treatment for musculoskeletal pain do not come without risks. For example, pain medication is a primary form of treatment but also has a long list of negative side effects. If you are looking for an alternative form of treatment for the pain you are dealing with, rolfing is something you may want to consider. You may have heard of rolfing but don't know much about the specifics. Here are a few of the common questions about this alternative treatment and the answers you will want to know as a new or prospective patient. 

What is rolfing?

Rolfing is a relatively modern form of massage which is designed to target the connective tissues of the body. This massage is more intense than a traditional massage, with the practitioner using their hands to effectively manipulate and reorganize fascia and connective tissues. This treatment helps to reduce stress and tension in the body and may also be accompanied by specified breathing patterns for greater results. 

Where is rolfing treatment offered?

Rolfing treatment is offered at a few places. In some cases, chiropractors have a rolfing specialist in the office or they offer this as an alternative treatment for their patients themselves. Some physical therapy centers also use rolfing techniques in specific situations when the treatment could be beneficial. Rolfing is offered by some practitioners as a strict form of treatment in their facility. 

What are some of the conditions rolfing is known to benefit?

Rolfing is beneficial for a variety of ailments which are related to skeletal and tissue stress, pain, and tension. Some of the most common conditions treated by rolfing include:

  • carpal tunnel syndrome
  • low and mid back pain
  • spinal disturbances
  • neck stress
  • pain and tension in the jaws
  • tightness of the chest
  • curvature of the spine
  • athletic injuries

Are there any risks associated with rolfing?

Rolfing is generally a safe form of massage treatment, with few side effects to worry about. You may experience some mild pain during sessions and may be a little sore after each session is complete, but staying hydrated and using hot and cold compresses can help to alleviate your discomfort. Also, if you have issues with high blood pressure, risk of blood clots, or specific diseases like cancer, it is best to avoid rolfing treatments. 

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