Top Four Reasons For Pediatric Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care has been used for years to help get joints back into place, as well as to relieve pressure on nerves. For the longest time, chiropractic care was used for those who were over the age of 18, and usually only after injuries were sustained. However, here are just a few of the benefits a newborn can receive after a chiropractic adjustment by a certified therapist.

Better Sleep

The statement, "sleep like a baby," is often laughed at by new parents because babies rarely sleep well. Many parents who have taken their child to receive an adjustment see their child sleep for longer periods at a time. More importantly, babies will sleep deeper and wake more rested, which makes for a happier baby overall.

Healthier Immune System

Chiropractic adjustments help infants because they have been forced into a fetal position for months as they grew. When your body is in proper alignment, you will be in less pain, which allows your body to leave the fight or flight mode. When you are constantly in pain, your body will have a weakened immune system. Therefore, relieve the pain and you will notice an increase in your child's immune system.

Improved Breathing

Babies spend the first nine months of their life in their mother's amniotic fluid, so breathing air can be a shock to the system. Some infants have trouble making the transition and sound congested. While this is considered normal, taking your child to a licensed pediatric chiropractor can help determine if an adjustment will help clear nose, ear, and throat troubles.

Better Brain Development

As mentioned above, chiropractic care helps to relieve pressure on the nervous system. The spine is one of the greatest areas of adjustment, and it is also where the nerves travel to the brain. When you keep your spine in alignment, you are able to think more clearly. The same can be said with infants as their brains develop. They will be able to learn faster as they will have a healthier nervous system and blood flow to the brain.

Some of the other benefits children can see with chiropractic adjustments include reduction in colic and fewer digestive issues. It is important to make sure the chiropractor you visit is experienced working with infants as they are a lot looser and more fragile than adults. Helping make your infant happy and healthy will reduce the stress on the parents, making it an overall happier home.

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