Back Care Advice To Give Your Kids As They Return To School

As your children head back to school, they have many things on their mind, including reuniting with friends and finding success in the classroom. What they might not be thinking about, however, is their back health — or subsequent visits to a chiropractor who specializes in children's back pain. There are a number of ways that school can lead to back pain, so it's a good idea to share a few possible causes with your child and provide him or her with some advice about reducing the risk of this type of pain. Here are some specific areas that you should make sure to address to avoid your children being in pain and needing chiropractic care.


Classroom chairs aren't often known for their comfort, but your children's chairs will be healthier for their backs if your kids make sure to sit up straight. Many students favor slouching in their chairs, but this type of posture can lead to back pain, given that the spine is put in a position that is unnatural. For younger children, practice sitting upright in a chair at home to give them a good example; for older kids, stress the need for good posture as a way to reduce the risk of suffering from back pain. Make sure that your children take this advice seriously, as they'll be spending several hours a day seated in the classroom.


In gym class, eager children will quickly begin playing whatever sport or physical activity is being taught. However, it's important to first devote some time to stretching the various muscle groups throughout the body, including those in the back, to warm them up and reduce the risk of developing back pain. Many gym teachers will lead their classes in stretching, but you should make sure that your child knows to take this session seriously; many kids are so eager to get to the activity that they consider stretching to be a mere formality. You might even wish to learn some back stretches that you can try at home to get your child used to the activity.


Students, especially when they're older, can often experience stress as they head back to school. Stress can be a concern because it leads to physical reactions, such as the tightening of the muscles, that can contribute to pain in various regions of the back. It's ineffective to simply tell your child not to be stressed, but you should make sure that he or she has a clear line of communication to you when stress is occurring.

For more tips and advice, take  your child to a local family chiropractic clinic, such as Olson Chiropractic Centers

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