Chiropractic Treatments For Back Pain Relief

When a person is suffering from lower back pain, even getting through a normal daily routine is often difficult. There are different treatments for chronic lower back pain, but some people prefer not being dependent on pain medications or having back surgery to relieve pain. Fortunately, getting chiropractic treatments has given many a safer alternative for relieving back pain and also has helped them regain a normal life.

Chiropractic Manipulations

A chiropractor may use a variety of different manipulations to relieve lower back pain. These are usually done on a special chiropractic table with the patient lying on their stomach so the chiropractor has easy access to the affected area. The chiropractor may use light force by pushing down on the problem area of the back.

The manipulations are done to help re-align the spine and move slipped discs back into place. They are normally painless at the time they are done, but some mild discomfort may be felt until the body becomes accustomed to having this treatment performed.

Deep Tissue Massage

Another treatment that is commonly given in a chiropractor's office is deep tissue massage. This treatment helps loosen up tight muscles and relieves pain from strained muscles as well. The massage goes deep into the tissues and it helps to encourage healing for muscles, ligaments, or tendons that have been pulled or injured.

Deep tissue massage is used for a variety of different conditions and helps relax the body all over. This relaxation also helps relieve stress triggered by the pain. Often, when this stress is relieved, the pain levels will also go down dramatically.

Heat and Cold Therapy

Chiropractors also use cold and heat therapy for treating lower back pain. These treatments stimulate the muscles and tissues so that they are not as tight and tense. This decreases pain and helps encourage easier movement. Heat therapy may be done by placing electrical heating pads on the area or by using small electrodes to send electrical currents into the tissue for a warming effect. Cold therapy is normally done by placing towels on the back and then covering them with large cold packs or ice packs.


Exercises are another form of treatment that chiropractors often use. Once the patient has completed the other treatments during several sessions, the back may be strong enough to begin special strengthening exercises. This may include bending and stretching and helps to rebuild the strength and improve the movement of the back. Over time, the patient may regain full use of his back after several chiropractic treatments.

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