6 Signs You Need To Seek Headache Care

Going to a headache clinic in a timely fashion can help you avoid lots of potentially serious problems. However, people often dismiss headaches as normal ailments. That isn't a great idea, and you should watch out for these 6 signs it's time to seek headache care.

Constant or Near-Constant Headaches

No one should have headaches every day or close to it. If headaches are a recurring feature of your existence, that's a sign you should visit a headache clinic. For reference, the Mayo Clinic defines chronic headache issues as the appearance of symptoms for 15 or more days a month.

Even if the answer ends up being something surprisingly simple, such as a tight muscle in your neck, the relief will be real. If the issue is something worse, you should at least find out so you can then seek further care to address the problem.

Passing Out

Extreme headaches can cause people to feel faint or even pass out. Even if you bounce back quickly from such episodes, it's not a good sign. There are major risks if you pass out while upright or driving. Visit a headache clinic so you can start investigating what might be happening.


Missing school or work is more than an inconvenience. These problems can affect your future prospects, even if the headaches subside once you take a day or two off.

Bear in mind that absences extend beyond situations where anyone is tracking attendance. If a parent is missing their kid's soccer matches, that absence matters. Do not miss out on life because of untreated headaches, even if you're still able to manage things like work and school.


Many people suffer headaches accompanied by bodily stiffness, especially in their necks, shoulders, and backs. This could be due to muscle problems or entrapped nerves. In many cases, chiropractic care can reduce the symptoms.

Mobility Issues

Headaches can get so bad that a person struggles with mobility. They may have trouble seeing straight or even coordinating their body movements. If you've reached the point that you sometimes avoid activities due to reduces mobility, it's time to ask for professional advice.

Excessive Use of Pain Relievers

Regardless of the types of pain relievers you're using, excessive usage is never good. Even drugs like aspirin and ibuprofen can lead to medical problems if someone takes too many. If you're regularly buying lots of OTC drugs or even using prescription pain relief medications to cope with headaches, you should explore alternative options. 

For more information, contact a local headache clinic

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